Releases in chronological order

leaning on air - sanza solos improvised on the fly in the studio    with one sanza, one tuning and a couple of pedals. consider it primitive minimal space music. digital album. 

like water - first ever recording to feature the sansula in a solo context. accidental pieces and improvisations. cd and digital. 

fragile beauty ~ a far reaching collection featuring many of the instruments I play as well as field recordings & sound experiments. digital album.

opening ~ accidental matrix of gamelan chimes. free download.

to an unknown god ~ created to benefit the victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. taug is an accidental sanza piece released only as a limited edition 3"cdr. below of which is a clip. 

bent notions ~ what happens when a creative spirit meets a circuit-bent Casio? not the mayhem one might expect...  digital album.  

solitaires 2011 ~ an ongoing collection of solo pieces using various instruments and field recordings. individual downloads.

li ~ accidental gamelan pieces inspired by the inherent patterns in nature. 3"cdr limited edition of 10. clips below.  

soundcasting ~ experiments using fishing string and natural forces to create sound. digital album.

out the other ~ music created during Meneire's flare-ups inspired by and honoring the disease. digital album.

forever nowhere ~ long drone work that goes nowhere, and take forever getting there.

waves ~ accidental minimalism using bowed psaltery and melodica